the saddest time of the day

Daddy just left to go back to work.  A lunch break at home–bittersweet.  It was wonderful to get to spend a half-hour with him, sharing the stories of our mornings, but it has to end.  Sophia still doesn’t understand the lunch break.  She just wailed and wailed as we watched him through the glass door walk to the car.  I usually try to sing silly songs with her like “Daddy’s going back to work, back to work, back to work… Daddy’s going back to work, but we’ll see him soon!” It works sometimes, but not today.

Today, she’s not well.  She’s had a pretty bad fever the last couple of days topping out yesterday morning at 102.4.  A fever is such a scary thing.  I feel it instantly when I hold her.  Her skin feels like it’s burning up next to my face.  This is our first real fever scare, and it’s also the longest one.  She woke up late Sunday night, so hot, and she’s been up and down since.  Things have been so busy, she’s been completely off her schedule, teething too, and now has a little bit of an ear infection.  Today, well, she’s kind of pitiful–not cranky or fussy, not screaming and irritable, but cuddly.  I’ll be laying on the couch resting, and all she wants to do is lay with me rolling around over and over in my arms putting her head as close to mine as she can–all the while sucking on that thumb.  Or, I’ll be sitting in the floor playing with her and instead of wanting to play she wants to hug me.  It’s the sweetest thing ever, but it’s also a clue that she’s not well.  Her thumb is raw and bruised, too.  At least it gives her some comfort.

I just put her down for another nap, no argument from her…

So, we are resting from a wonderful vacation.  It was a blessed two weeks full of a great time with friends, a fun and active CO expedition, and a lot of lounging around at the house afterward.  It was great to spend so much time with our friends and so much time with “Da-da.”  When, I’m more rested I’ll put up some pics and tell you more about it.  😉

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