My Little Toddler

I’ve been wanting to give an update on my little growing toddler.  She’s doing so much fun stuff, and I know there’s a few of you that only check this blog for her… 😉  I tried to take some pictures and video, but they’re really not very good.  She was acting a little snobby when I took these.  That little stinker.  It really shows her grown up face, though.

100_5844 100_5842

Can you see her in action on the shot on the right?  This is what she does all the time when we’re upstairs.  She’ll take the most random things, pile them in a laundry basket, and push them from room to room.  She’ll put so much in them that they’re too heavy to move, then she’ll scream when she can’t push it over the hard floor to carpet seam!  Ah, enough to drive Mommy insane!  But, she loves this game.  Her favorite item to pile in the basket?  Daddy’s shoes.  Yup.  And, usually in pairs.  She loves Daddy’s shoes.  She’ll go find them from the closet, get a match, and haul them out to her basket.  Then, she’ll go back for another pair.  Once she’s satisfied with what’s in her basket, she’ll push it out into the hallway and into her bedroom… and back out to the hallway and into the extra bedroom… and back out to the hallway and into the bathroom… Oh, I left out all the screams in between when she goes over a seam!  Here’s a video of the busy girl.  Watch out for screams of frustration.  I had just closed the gate at the top of the stairs because she just learned how much fun it is to toss things down the stairs… and, I didn’t want this video to show her falling down the stairs with the basket. 😉  Oh, and pardon the dirty clothes in the floor. 😉

Her other favorite thing to do is carry her purse around the house on her arm.  If she doesn’t have her purse, any object that she can put her arm through will do.  We’ve got her with one of Daddy’s flip-flops on each arm and with wii remotes on each arm wearing them until they leave a red mark on her arm.  Oh, the things that give her delight!

Sophia is so much fun lately!  She’s really learning to play and explore.  She’s so much fun to watch and listen to.  She interacts so well with us and is learning to pretend.  Just earlier while I was fixing lunch, I gave her a little piece of cheese to snack on while she was standing on the floor below me holding her Pooh bear.  When I gave her the cheese, she first put it up to her bear’s mouth so he could have a bite, then she ate it!  Isn’t that sweet?  She loves feeding her dolls.  When the new baby comes, we’re going to have to strictly teach her that the new baby is only fed by mommy and only drinks Mommy’s milk!  But for now, this is sweet.

This last week we’ve seen her grow so much!  She’s finally learned to go downstairs by herself, and though cautious, is doing it very well.  I’d say that she learned that just in time because I don’t know how long I can keep carrying her down!  Sophia’s teeth have been popping in like crazy.  She has about 9 now.  She got a new bottom front one, and two top molars are poking through the skin.  It’s a good thing she’s getting all these teeth because she doesn’t like eating mushy stuff!  She’s been learning some new words lately, surprising us every time she says something.  The other day when I was getting grapes out, she said, “Gapes.”  Now, she always says “gapes” when I get them out.  We’ve been trying to teach her to say “I love you.”  She’s working on it.  Sometimes, she’ll point at her eyes when she tries to say it…  Last night, we were singing “Old McDonald” with her, and when we were done a few minutes later, she pointed at the book and sang, “E-I-E-I-Oh!”  Can’t wait til we get THAT on video!  Oh my goodness was it precious!

Sophia in her rocking chair with her baby doll in one hand and Yoda in the other

3 Responses

  1. Oh, how she has grown! Time really flies. And her doll-feeding is adorable.

  2. Thanks for the update. She is getting so big–in so many ways! How wonderful!

  3. Look at all those teeth!! Wow and sooo cute!!

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