Hilarious new game

I walked into the living room, yesterday, when Will told me, “You have to see what Sophia is doing!”  I gave them both a puzzled look.  Sophia grinned and took off.  She ran to the kleenex box and purposefully touched the side of the box with her pointer finger.  Very purposefully on this certain flower right in the middle.  Then, she darts toward Daddy with her pointer finger high in the air.  She dives at Daddy’s belly and pokes him with said finger!  Daddy yells, “Ah!”  Sophia laughs hysterically and goes back to the kleenex box for a recharge.  Daddy says, “Get Mommy!” and she comes At ME!  Same finger, looking for the same reaction.  Here’s the thing: Will did not teach her this.  I CERTAINLY did not teach her this!  What on earth is she doing charging up her zapping finger with a box of tissues?  Is she learning to pretend?  No doubt she got some of that from somewhere… but bizzare-O!  She played this game again today, seemingly out of nowhere.  Could it have to do with boogies?  But, why touch the kleenex box first?  She doesn’t poke us unless she touches the kleenex box first!   Over and OVER AND OVER again!  Lovely girl, huh?

One Response

  1. Now I am imagining a lot of internal dialogue about charging up and zapping mommy and daddy! 🙂 She is such a sweet girl!

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