A few recent pics

Sophia's first plane rideSophia's helping Mommy do the dishes

4 Responses

  1. You both look great!

  2. So tell me, how did the plane ride go? We’re flying with Anna next week and are a little worried about it. She doesn’t like to sit still in our laps very long… she wants to get down and GO!

    • jennifer, it went great! i didn’t think that sophia liked sitting in our laps, either, but the plane made her feel confined enough that she loved it. she wasn’t wanted to get down and go because there wasn’t anywhere to get down and go, too. she went back and forth between us some, but it was fine. the only problem with the travel was getting her a nap along the way somewhere. that part was hard.

  3. Thanks! That makes me feel better. I’ve got a few new books and small toys I haven’t let her play with yet, so I hope that keeps her entertained. I don’t really see Anna napping along the way; she’s not one of those kids who just falls asleep out in public when they’re tired. That’s probably my fault; I’ve tried to be very consistent with naps and bedtime, and as a result she sleeps great at home, but won’t sleep anywhere else.

    I hope you’re feeling better after your little break! I know you missed your baby. I didn’t used to understand what the big deal was about leaving kids with grandparents for a few days. After all, I stayed with mine when I was little and had a blast. But now, I can’t imagine being away from my Anna overnight! We’ll do it someday, but we’re in no hurry. 🙂

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