At dinner tonight, Sophia held up her cheese, touched it to her chest and said, “Mine. Mine. Mine…. Mine… Mine…” over and over and over again.  Yes.  She has learned the word “mine.”  Last week she learned the word “no” and thoughtlessly answers “no” to everything.  If I had the patience to count how many times she said no in a day, I’d reach a number I haven’t personally counted to in a LOOOONG time!  Sophia is 18 months-old today.  I really wanted to celebrate today as a half birthday, but things didn’t go as planned.  It began with an early morning of crying and a swollen, achey mommy.  After a complete meltdown over a poopy diaper change, the day got off to a terribly start.  18-months old and I think I will say that the “terrible twos” have begun.  Her tantrum fits are taking on hitting and thrashing around, screaming and yelling “no,” running away, hiding and throwing herself on the floor.  Could we ask for a better time for this?  Really?  I actually wouldn’t be so upset about this stage happening now if it weren’t for the running away. She’s not listening to me when I ask her to do something, and on the way inside the house today she ran toward the street, laughing and thinking she was playing a game with me.  A car was coming but thankfully saw her and stopped.  She never made it off the curb, but I’ve never been more scared in my life.  I chased after her as quick as I could, snatched her up, and scolded her real good.  Something’s gotta change.  She can no longer be trusted to follow me indoors.  The hold my hand when we’re outside rule is officially in place.  Argh.  And, right before I have another one to hang on to…  Pray for me.

Parenting.  Yup.  We have definitely begun to discipline and punish.  I’m afraid I’m going to have a lot of adjusting to do as we really buckle down on Sophia’s behavior.  I want to discipline well, not out of anger and frustration but out of a heart that wants to guide her to good and safe behavior and her heart to one full of love.