family of 4

The next time we see this sweet girl, we’ll be a family of four!  We left Sophia with Mammaw and Granpa (Will’s parents) in Kansas City this morning.  After this hard week, I called in reinforcements.  I want to rest a few days before I need tons of strength for labor and delivery and for those first days with our newborn.  She’s going to stay with them until we have the new baby–which will hopefully be soon…  Pray for us that this time is restful and that Sophia does well with them and re-enters our new and changed home well.

3 Responses

  1. I am so excited for you and eager to meet the fourth member of such a great family! Rest, rest, rest! And pick out a day over break that I can hold your baby and play with Sophia while YOU get to do something for yourself!

  2. I am so excited for you! I miss you guys. We’ll be praying for you and would love to make you a meal when you four are home and resting!! Love to ya.

  3. Sophia has so much hair these days! Wow! Good luck with sweet baby number two. Maybe you’ll need a relaxing book…

    (that was my perfect transition to talk about The Help)

    I just started it and so far, so good. I have spoken with three people (my mom, my friend and a stranger) who all say it’s excellent. You should check it out!

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