who has time to blog?

Wow, so having two under two is just as much work as I thought it’d be.  No, it’s more.  My new sweet daughter is most precious, though she seems to cry all the time.  I think you forget just how much a newborn cries when you’re used to a toddler…

As a matter of an update: Abigail Eliyah Spicer was born December 11 at 4:33 p.m., 8 lbs. and 20 inches long.  After finally getting checked into the hospital at 2:30 p.m., I popped her out quickly thanks to a friendly anesthesiologist.  Lord, did I forget how much labor hurts!  If I deliver another, I will get a doula!

Abby is sweet.  She looks and acts so different than Sophia.  Her skin is pink and her hair is red and her eyes are a deep blue.  She has sweet red birth marks all over head and back.  We’ll see in the coming year how her looks change.  So far she is a completely different newborn than Sophia was.  She likes being swaddled, she’s easily overstimulated, and she nurses wide-awake, quickly but sloppily.  (Sophia hated being swaddled, slept anywhere, and always fell asleep at the breast.  She had yellow skin, brown hair and gray eyes…)  Abby sleeps too much at night and not enough during the day.  Oh, and also she’s kinda fat.  We need to photograph her arms!  They have the most amazing rolls!  Plump!

It’s been a rough 6 weeks.  As you can imagine, I’ve had no time to blog.  We started sleep-training with Abby on Friday.  Today, I am having much success!  Both of my girls have been asleep at the same time for two hours!  Yayah!  After trying to nap, cleaning house, washing dishes and doing laundry, here I am.  The most difficult thing with sleep training during the day seems to be catching Abby’s drowsy signals before she gets overtired and soothing her in time to put her in her crib calm, yet awake.  (Sophia doesn’t help this!  I’ve been so annoyed and so in love with her lately.)

Back to the rough 6 weeks.  We’ve been worried that Abby has the infamous “colick.”  If it’s simply defined as 3 hours of crying 3 days a week, then she has it for sure… But, we have good days.  And, those seem to be related to how well and often she sleeps.  An overtired baby is a cranky one!  We seems to have it diagnosed as gas and overtiredness.  Ask us next week… 😉

Here’s a few pictures.  I’m sorry we haven’t taken more.  I’m sure I’ll be telling her that in a few years, too.

Still asleep at 5, say what?!  I guess, I’m going to have to wake them both up!