Recent Fun

I have been having so much fun with the girls lately.  Monday night Will and I made Sophia a cardboard house–one that is the perfect size for her to run in and out of.  I knew she would love it, but I had no idea she would love it so much.  She loves running in and out of it, playing peek-a-boo, and doing all kinds of things in it.  It takes up so much space in our living room; I have no idea how we’re going to eventually dispose of it…

It was so much fun to make the box for her and then give it to her.  We made it Monday night while she was asleep and had it as a surprise for her Tuesday morning.  In the morning when we got her out of bed, I said, “Guess what!  Daddy and I have a surprise for you!  Do you know what it is?” Fully knowing that she had no idea.  I just wanted to create hype for the reveal…  Well, she says, “A howsh.  A pway howsh.” I look at Daddy, “What?!” She remembered.  Sophia and I found the box the day before, and I had told her that that night Daddy and I were going to make her a play house.  I hid the box downstairs, but she remembered.  After 12 hours of sleep, she remembered.  Crazy, huh.  Mental note: Do not make promises that you do not intend to keep.  This girl remembers.

Thursday we had the most beautiful day outside: sunny, nearly 70 degrees, a perfect spring day.  We played at the park for over an hour and then went to lunch on a coffee house patio.  It was delightful.  It was refreshing.  It felt like the most special “Mommy and my girls” day out–our first, really.  (Sorry, I wish I had some pictures of this day.  But, it was enough just trying to keep up with both girls…)

Well, Friday night it snowed.  And, Sophia was so excited about it.  She DID NOT want to go to bed.  She wanted to “go owshi and pway wih show.” Today, she called it, “shuh-no.” Must’ve been because I kept sounding it out for her…  Well, today we played in it!  This was her first time to ever play in the snow.  All the other times it snowed, I was either hugely pregnant or Abby was freshly born, and it was super, super cold.  So, we got out her brand new snowsuit and bundled up.  It was fluffy and yummy.  Sophia got cold quickly; so, we rushed inside and made hot cocoa.  Yummy!  Sophia loved her first cup of hot cocoa.

What a nice week.  Thanks Kansas, for you awesomely crazy weather.

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  1. I love that you are enjoying your girls. You are a great mommy!

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