the thing about having two

Are you anything like me?  I tend to dwell on the negative.  I don’t do this as a habit in life, just with my kids and our day.  8-5 is such a long day, ya know?  I’m often so done by 5 that I need a perspective change.

(You don’t want to see me at 5…  I have a wonderful husband!)

I’m a glass half-full person, for sure, but I definitely live my days glass half-empty.  When I sit down to blog, it’s usually because I’m frustrated and need an outlet.  Writing helps so much.  I stand up feeling like I’ve vented, and I feel better.  Often I feel that the Holy Spirit tells me something.

I thought I could use a reminder, though.  A reminder of blessing when things are hectic and I’m feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated.  A reminder that these girls are girls to cherish.

So, this post is 10 reminders of what’s so great about having two.

10) Always have one to cuddle.  And, they are SO cuddly right now.

9) Usually one of them is not cranky if the other one is.

8 ) We each have one to share the other. (Sophia and I will play and tickle Abby.  When Abby laughs, Sophia laughs.  It warms my heart to see Abby delight in her younger sister.  Abby and I will watch Sophia.  When Sophia laughs, Abby smiles.  It warms my heart to watch Abby look at her sister with wonder.)

7) They’re each the perfect age.  For Sophia’s whole life, I have caught myself saying, “Sophia’s at the perfect age.  I love this age.”  I would say it one month and then say it again a few months later.  And mean it!  I had no idea that watching and helping a baby grow up would be so much fun.  I had no idea that love would fill me up more and more as the months go by.  I often think that I couldn’t possibly love them more, and a few months later, I do.  So, I find myself saying, “They’re each at the perfect age.” Sophia’s learning to talk and be a “big girl,” and Abby’s learning about her body and the world.  What could be better to watch?  And, I get both at the same time.

6) Two unique personalities to get to know, enjoy and parent.

5) Two souls to watch grow and develop and (hopefully) come to know the Lord.

4) Two beautiful sets of eyes to cherish the wonder and mysteries of their hearts.

3) Two lives to pray for and two journeys to be on with them.

2) Two stories in the making.

1) Two amazing children of God that will make my heart explode with love.

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