6-months old

Who is this precious 6-month old?

She’s my princess.  She’s sweet and particular. She’s excited and vocal.  She’s sensitive but a fighter.  She loves to holler and grab your face.  She loves eye contact.  She loves to be talked to.  She loves her sister.  She loves music.  She loves outside.  She loves variety.  When she’s tired, she wants to be put in her woombie and for you to walk away.

She’s my Abby--my princess. I thought I’d never call one of my baby girls princess, but Abby knows what she wants and she wants it that way.  And, if she’s not tired or in pain, she’s the sweetest baby in the world.

4 Responses

  1. Oh my, what a cutie! She is looking so much like Sophia in these pictures. I would love to squeeze those cheeks!

  2. 6 Months already?!? I can’t believe it! I love that smile.

  3. These are perfect pictures of all her chubby rolls! Marianne said she’d like to have a little sister as long as she looks just like Abby…

    • That is the absolutely sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Marianne is such a doll! Thanks for commenting. We sure enjoyed seeing y’all. You have a darling family.

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