Sunday. Beautiful Sunday

I had the most wonderful Sunday.  There is much to celebrate.  My heart felt such joy today with my family and with “Sunday” things.  We went to a new church today, and Sophia went to the big kids room.  She was by far the youngest, and I was so worried about her.  Will she wet her pants, will she cry, will she suck her thumb too much or be too shy? She did so great.  Color sheet and craft bag in hand, she left the Kingdom Kids room confident and happy.  I asked her on the way home what she did at church.  She said, “Pway, song, color, watcha t.v.”

I said, “Watch t.v.! What? What did you watch on t.v.?”

My baby girl said, “Jesus.” Then a bunch of jibberish and pointing.  This much I made out: “Jesus… Church… Watcha t.v… Jesus…”

I don’t have any idea if she really watched t.v. and whether or not Jesus was on it… Her color sheet was a picture of Jesus as a boy with the caption underneath, “Jesus liked going to church.”  She also had a paper with the Luke scripture of Jesus’ trip to the temple when he began to teach.  I think maybe she was trying to tell me about it.  (Sophia is sort of obsessed with t.v. lately.  She can tell me everything about Caillou and Dora and Brobee and Foofa… So, to hear her tell me about Jesus was the warmest feeling in the world.  I can only imagine how God’s ears must melt when He hears His name spoken by a child.  

Tonight, I decided it was time to teach Sophia to pray.  She repeated me so well.

Dear God. (Deh Goh)

I love you. (I loff you)

Thank you for today. (Cank you day)

Thank you for my family. (Cank you famwee)

Amen. (A-meh)

I’m so excited to share my faith with her.  I’m so excited to tell her about the person of Jesus and about the heart of our Father.

I hope you had a blessed Sunday as well.

2 Responses

  1. So glad you had a refreshing, vision-casting kind of day! I LOVED our phone time last week.

  2. How wonderful! I have a feeling you have many beautiful Sundays to look forward to with those sweet girls. 🙂

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