Playing with my new camera

Thanks, Daddy.  I appreciate you, too.

6 Responses

  1. Is that Abby? She has red hair! What is she holding?

    • Ya, that’s Abby! She’s always had red hair! Has it been that long since you’ve seen us? I guess so. 😦 Her hair is getting quite a bit longer. It never really fell out. You can really see the red in the sunlight.

      She’s holding her favorite toy–a travel size baby powder. She’s getting her two bottom teeth, and she loves to put it in her mouth. As we say around here, “siwwy Abby.”

  2. SO sweet! I miss you guys a LOT! We should skype sometime soon,

  3. Fantastic picture! I love the way you framed it. And Abby is adorable, of course. We love red hair around our house…

    • Thanks, Dana. The photo shoot was fun. Though, Abby’s teething made for very few pictures with smiles. It was fun to practice shots on her, though. Hope y’all are doing well.

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