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    I'm Angela: a mother to two precious, beautiful girls, a wife to the most brilliant and gracious husband, and a believer in Jesus--the savior of my soul. this blog is about my life, my family, and my faith. i invite you to my story.
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Abby’s on the move

Abby is on the move.  She is a little fighter.  Stubborn as any redhead.  She so sweet, but she’s also so vocal about being uncomfortable.  She’s climbing all over me like I’m a tree and she’s a koala bear.  She can’t stand to be two feet away from me, poor thing.  She getting more control about where she wants to go and what she wants to do.  She and Sophia are having more and more fun together, and getting more and more in each other’s way.  Oh, sisterhood here we come!  I wanted to put up a video of Abby crawling, but when I got the camera out she decided to pull up instead.  So, here’s a little video of her pulling up.  Enjoy.