Snow mis-adventure or just another morning.

Okay, this is our second major snow here in Fort Collins.  It makes sense that there would be some adventure involved.  It all began with an early morning itching to get out of the house–out of toilet paper… So, let’s make a morning trip before Abby’s nap to the Super Target. One problem, it’s -6 degrees F outside, which means that our snow covered van thought it was an igloo.  After spending 30 minutes warming up the car and scraping off the snow and ice, we tried to get our snowbunnies in the car–only to find out that both of the automatic doors are frozen shut.  I decide to put the girls in through the front doors while Will goes in for hot water to pour on the doors.  (You would think that 30 minutes of warming up the car would be enough, right?  Does anyone with experience in extreme cold climates have any advice for this Arkansas family?)

We finally get the doors working, and the girls and I head off to Target.  Well, I got distracted on the way–snowy roads, Sophia hollering about the choice of music, and Abby being altogether uncomfortable in her snowsuit.  So, I found myself on the north end of town, very far from where I meant to be.  I’m getting fond of my new sense of direction (foothills always to the West); so, I figured I would just find my way taking a few turns.  On a normal day, i.e. not snowy and icy, this may have been a good idea.  I turned into a dead-in and saw a truck up ahead.  I touched the brakes as he was stopped at a stop sign.  Only he wasn’t moving, and I was.  It seemed that the harder I pressed the brakes, the faster we slid along the road.  Think fast! I decided to turn to the left of him, as not to rear-end him, elbow on the horn so he wouldn’t turn left straight into me.  Shew. We just miss him.  And, we finally come to a stop in the middle of the up-coming road.  Thankfully, no cars are coming. The nice man in the truck in front of me smiled and waved in appreciation and understanding.  Shew.  After a moment of “well, who goes now?” we righted ourselves and got back on the road.  Only one problem, “Where the heck am I?”

So, nearly had a wreck because of the snow, lost on the north end of town, miserably cold, and the girls are crying.  Sophia’s yelling about some smoke she sees, Abby’s just yelling, and I’m yelling expletives that would be better if I kept to myself…  After a phone call to Will, we finally get back on the right side of town.

Ah, Super Target in site.  I check my rear view mirror as we pull into a parking spot.  Abby’s passed out asleep.  Of course she is, it’s now 9:45.  We’ve been preparing to leave since 8:00!  This is how my days go.  What to do, what to do? This is one of those mornings that really makes you want to throw up your hands in frustration and fall into the steering wheel with tears, “Why me?!” You know what, though, it’s just another morning here at the Spicer house…  We’re all safe.  Adventure had.  I can smile about it now.

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  1. Aw man! That sounds awful… I’m so glad you were able to think fast and avoid a wreck. We miss you all!

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