Should we laugh or cry?

Today, I had one of those days.  Everything was moving slowly.  I needed to get out of the house again; so, we planned a trip to the library.  Abby’s in that in-between stage where she doesn’t think that a morning nap is necessary–but needs one or else she’s cranky all day…  So, Abby decided to poop her pants instead of nap (very common, I’d say 9/10 times she poops instead of naps).  Lately, her poop has given her such a bad rash that I must bathe her immediately and after every BM.  Is this interesting, yet?

Let me get back to the story… We were having a crappy day… My nerves were on edge, the kids were on edge, and I had a terrible idea.  Let’s forego Sophia’s nap and replace it with craft time. What was I thinking?  I wanted to get some Christmas cards out today, and I thought it’d be a nice time to get Sophia to make something for her grandparents.  Which was the worse idea?  Foregoing the nap or expecting Sophia to make something just because I want her to?

This was a disaster.  While Abby cried and then napped for all of 30 minutes, Sophia refused to do any crafting.  Instead, she just lolly-gagged around watching me address envelopes, singing and dancing to herself, and drawing ON the table… This in and of itself is not so bad, but I just couldn’t get her to draw something for me.  And, like I said, I was ON EDGE!

Well, Abby wakes up screaming–sleep deprived…  And, I’m angrier than ever.  Deep breaths.  Count to 10. I try to let her go back to sleep, only Sophia’s playing gets incrementally louder, and it’s obvious that Abby is NOT going back to sleep.  I go into her to see if I can calm her back to sleep.  Nope.  She won’t be soothed by anything but Sophia’s presence.  Argh.  So, I leave the hyper-active children to play it off with each other.

I notice about 10 or 15 minutes later that Abby has opened my box of acrylics and is pulling out the tubes.  (I had all the craft stuff out in the living room…)  I look at her and tell Sophia, “Make sure that she doesn’t open any of them.”  Mistake 2: Not immediately gathering up the paints.  You’re wondering what could possibly go wrong in this situation. Mistake 4: Treating Sophia like she’s 7 years old.  I get back to my envelope addressing.  I glance back over to see that they’ve moved on.

About 10 minutes later, “Mom! Abby’s making a big mess!  MOM!  Abby’s making a big mess!”  I jump up and find Abby’s holding a spoon surrounded by a pound of dried fruit.  She found a box, dumped it all out, and is now trying to feed herself ALL of it!  I bust into laughter.  It’s just fruit.  Gather it up, keep her from choking.  It’s just fruit.

I think that this was pretty funny considering my day, so I decide to tweet it: “Laugh instead of cry. Soph: “Abby’s making a mess!” An entire box of dried fruit out on the floor in front of Abby. All I can do is laugh.”

I’m proud of myself for not blowing up.  Back to addressing envelopes.

… I notice that things are really quiet.  As has always been the case with Sophia, when things are particularly quiet, either she’s pooping or getting into trouble…

Here’s where the story turns:

“Sophia?… Whatcha doing?”

“I’m just putting on make-up.”


… I rack my brain, make-up?  Surely not, I don’t have any in the living room… Oh, she’s probably got my chapstick… Finish this address…

“You’re putting on make-up?  Really?  What kind of make-up?”

I suddenly jump up, thinking that maybe I’m too trusting of Sophia, and she’s probably got chapstick all over her and everything around her…

Instead, this is what I find:

Mind you, this picture is taken after I thought to get the camera, i.e. after I cooled down and removed her ruined sweater… It wiped off much of the blue on the way, as I quickly swiped her face with it.  You do NOT want to see the sweater, MY FAVORITE big girl SWEATER!  (Any tips on removing paint from a cotton sweater?)

She was putting on make-up.  Blue, acrylic paint make-up with an eye-brow brush that she found God-knows-where.  Make-up.  Shall we laugh?  Shall we cry?

5 Responses

  1. I like to laugh and commend you for capturing the laughter and the tears during your little angels’ early years! Goodonya!

  2. My own Superhero! Great mask!

  3. I did have a good laugh. I’m sorry for your tough day,but some day it will be a good memory! Sophia sure looks pretty in blue. You have quite a pair there. I have a feeling you’re going to need eyes in the back of your head too.LOL

  4. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that you were grumbling my name when you heard she was putting on make-up? 🙂 Thanks for taking pictures… she is too precious. I hope your days get less stressful soon!

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