Sophia’s very first haircut

Sophia’s longish unruly hair has been driving me nuts for weeks.  Some days it’s adorable and curly and perfect, and other days it’s just darn crazy.  It seems to have nothing to do with whether or not we “fix” it.  It actually looks best right after she gets up from a sweaty nap.  Anyway, we saved $10, and I cut it myself.  My heart was racing with wild excitement the whole time.  I have never cut even a strand of her hair in now over 2 1/2 years!  I have nearly no idea what I’m doing, and I just imagined her 12 years old and crying that her world was over because “Mom” botched her hair.  I think it turned out alright.  Maybe a little shorter than I meant for it to be, but it was all grown out so unevenly.  Thank God for the curls to hide my amateur snips.  😉