Today is taking an extra measure of patience.  I’m not sure why.  It may be that Will and I have started getting up extra early to exercise, and we’re feeling the extra tiredness and soreness from that…  Or, maybe it’s that I actually tried to get something done this morning.  You know that box (or drawer, if you don’t move every 6 months like we do) of stuff that you don’t have any idea what to do with.  It’s stuff that you might need… or you could just throw away and never notice it’s absence… it’s junk, really… but the thought of throwing it away is just SO HARD.  But, it’s just random crap.  Well, we’ve moved so many times that we have acquired multiple junk boxes that never get filtered through, thrown away, or organized.

This morning, at an attempt to have our bedroom completely put together, I opened a box of junk.  Yes, the girls were with me.  And, if it weren’t for the constant questions, “What’s this?  What’s a _______? Why? Look it’s a ______.  What’s that?” I think I could’ve finished with a more positive attitude.

How does the constant questioning and jabbering on make me so angry so quickly?  It’s just curiosity.  But sometimes, it’s just plain stupid questions.  Like this conversation:

Sophia: What’s that?

Me: It’s an empty box.

Sophia: What’s an empty box?

I want to yell at her.  She said to me, “I’m trying to use my brain.” Oh, dear me.  You can see what kind of conversations we have here.

To increase my lack of patience, Sophia’s not my only needy little creature.  Abby’s constantly falling all over me, trying to learn to walk and falling all over everything else–crying and getting her feelings hurt all the while.  She’s such a sensitive little baby.  Precious, lovely and adorable.  But so sensitive.  I think she may be getting a tooth AND she’s in that weird place of too-tired-for-just-one nap but won’t take two.  I’m also trying to implement a more intentional schedule.  Sophia’s obsession with T.V. is getting “managed” as I’ve created the rule that we watch only 1 show a day as a reward for taking a nap.  It’s working gloriously, but I could sure use a babysitter…. 😉

Yah, so today, we’re going to stay home and organize… and play… and try to get through the day.  I need an extra measure of patience to enjoy these lovely, curious little people.

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  1. Sophia is her father’s daughter in many ways, Very inquisitive, loved tv and didn’t like silence. In other words he talked alot, while he was asking every question his little brain could think of. John Mark was very needy like Abbey. I remember those days well. Hopefully I can give you a break in the next 6 weeks or. It would be my pleasure.

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