Sophia Princess

I just finished a little creative project during nap time today.  Sophia LOVES pink and LOVES princesses, and she’s always asking for more pink and more princesses in her room.  I compromised with her.  Rather than buying her some generic picture to hang, I decided to paint one for her.  Her requirements: She must be blonde and she must be wearing a pink dress.  (AH!  My daughter’s probably going to be a cheerleader, too!)

She says it’s “Sophia Princess.”  We’re going to hang it close to her bed.  I don’t consider myself an artist or even a very creative person, but this sure did boost my self-esteem.  I’m pretty proud to create something beautiful and meaningful for my daughters.



You may be saying to yourself, “Yah, what’s so special about that picture?  It’s just two kids playing outside…”

Yah, but can you see where I am?  I am inside! They are playing outside together while I’m working in the kitchen, looking out at them through the window over the sink, listening through the open sliding door.  Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?  All the elements are perfect:  The weather is warm enough, the girls are finally old enough, and they are enjoying and entertaining each other!