Easter Egg Hunt

I hope you all had a great Easter.  We had a super fun time playing with the girls and telling Sophia about why we celebrate Easter.  She listened intently as we looked through a picture Bible and Daddy explained how Jesus conquered the grave.  It was sure interesting figuring out how to explain it all to her.  Her mad knowledge of Sleeping Beauty helped quite a lot.  There are some similarities there that you might not think about…  We also had a little Easter Egg hunt for the girls.  They were both a great age for this.  It gave me such joy to watch them run around and fine the bright little surprises.

Here’s some video for the grandparents.  My camera battery ran out so we only got the first couple minutes.  Not terribly riveting, but sweet.

We didn’t take any sweet dress-em-up pictures… sorry, I know, so sad…  Check out this sticker collage that Sophia made with the stickers she found in her Easter Eggs.  I’m afraid that she may take after me more than I thought. 😉

I, of course, helped her with her name, but the stickers and the placement was all hers.  She kept removing and resetting stickers, and she had to have so many of each one.  I’ve seen her categorizing colors around the house, but never quite like this.  Anyway, it’s really cool to have the privilege of watching her grow up.

Better throw in a picture of Abby.  She’s starting to try on other people’s shoes.

It’s a privilege watching her grow up, too.

6 Responses

  1. video no worky 😦

  2. Yikes, Abby in the backwards boots is kinda creepy! 🙂 Sweet girls, as always…

    • Dana, you know Will said that, too! 😉 I didn’t really see it… in a mother’s eyes it’s just cute. It was her very first time to put shoes on by herself….

  3. Abby in the boots made me laugh out loud instantly. That pretty smile and those backward boots, what a hoot.
    Can we hunt eggs again when we get there? Looks like yall had fun!

    • Absolutely! They would love it! I think as soon as it warms up around here and quits raining, we’re going to have another one. We’re sure looking forward to your visit. Sophia keeps saying, “we’ve got to get the house cleaned up for when mammaw and papa come!”

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