What I’ve been up to…

I haven’t been blogging much lately for 2 main reasons: 1) Sophia won’t let me, and 2) I found a new hobby (or addiction).

So, Sophia won’t let me.  The computer has become yet another source of tantrum-time.  If I’m ever merely looking at it, moving the mouse, or typing, she motions with her arms, says “Dup,” and then immediately starts whining, screaming and falling over in the floor.  If you were a fly in our household all day, you might not think that this was any different than anything else that I am doing: washing dishes, cooking dinner, getting dressed… Yup, I haven’t worn make-up in weeks because it’s also a tantrum starter.  Sophia wants to be “dup” and doing every single thing that I’m doing.  She’s not happy with just being held, though… oh, for those sweet newborn days… she’s wants up and then wants something, anything to entertain her.  The last two days lower back pain has begun and so picking up Sophia 100 times a day is going to have to stop…

I just entered third trimester.  We’ve got less than 3-months to go!  After my last check-up and a couple of days of swelling-scares, I’ve rearranged my days into a specific and intentional routine: 3 mile walk in the morning followed by 2 hours of reading in the recliner while Sophia naps.  I have to rest every time Sophia is resting or else by the end of the day I feel the puffiness and acheyness begin as if there were no turning back.  So far my feet look pretty normal, my shoes still fit, and I’m resting as much as possible.  I’ve figured out that I know one thing that causes swelling: Sitting.  Who knew, right?  Basically sitting without my feet up.  I’ve recently spent some time sewing and repairing our cloth diapers.  (15 diapers completely repaired!  They’re awesome now!)  However, I noticed after only one hour of sitting at the sewing machine, my feet were huge and my legs ached.  I’m really thankful that I’m not working, that I’m able to be pregnant at home with Sophia.  Though it’s hard chasing her around all day, I’m able to rest when she rests.

The other reason I’m not blogging much…  We don’t have a laptop, so swelling is one reason I’m not sitting at the computer.  Oh, but really I’m not because I have another passion during naptime!  I’ve rediscovered a love of reading.  I have NEVER read like this before!  I feel like a kid!  I have read almost 10 books in the last 2 months, devouring a hundred pages one nap time at a time.  It’s been such a recharging thing for me.  It really feels like ME-time, my private time.  I’ve read some really great books, some really weird books, and a couple not that interesting.  I just finished “The 19th Wife.”  It’s a historical fiction novel about Mormon plural marriage.  Fascinating!  It follows two different stories of two “19th wives,” one from the 1800s-one of Joseph Brigham’s wives and and one from a present day fundamentalist.  It was wildly interesting, and I learned a ton about the history of the Mormon church.  I don’t know if that sounds interesting, but I seriously couldn’t put it down!

So, what I’ve been up to is taking care of myself, basically… day by day being intentional to do so.  That coupled with taking care of the house and taking care of Sophia fills up the day.  We’re having naptime trouble mixed with this new independence and personality that she’s trying to figure out…  My patience is wearing thin with her, thankfully she’s uber-precious when she’s not a tired-wreck.  We’re trying to switch her from two naps to one because she loves her 10:00 morning nap but isn’t sleeping in the afternoon.  This results in an overtired, tantrum-throwing evening baby that is all Daddy gets to see from 5-7.  One afternoon nap hasn’t worked either as she’s so tired by then that she can’t sleep for more than a hour…. Weird, huh?  So, we’re off to the library this afternoon to research some daytime sleep solutions to help her get the rest she needs.

I hear banging in her room.  What could she be doing?  Singing and banging.  Dad would be proud.  😉

17 weeks

Photo 222

That’s me–17 weeks?  I just got back from the doctor with wonderfully healthy news.  The baby’s heartbeat was beautiful at 149 bpm, and my uterus measured 18 1/2 cm.  The doctor said that if I’m 17 weeks, then we’re as healthy as can be.  Oh, and I only gained 2 pounds last month, which is amazing for me if you remember my last pregnancy and the time I gained 15 pounds in one month!

So, our projected due date is December 9, MY birthday, but we don’t really know for sure.  We’re currently going on measurements and possible dates…  I have a sonogram scheduled for July 30th–at which time we can find out a better idea of when (s)he will come.  It’s all very exciting.  I’m already feeling sweet little movements when I’m lying still.  I’m sleeping terribly and dreaming worse… and I’m freaking hungry ALL THE TIME… My belly is protruding quite earlier than expected, but I’m VERY excited about this baby and very happy to hear healthy news.

In other news, most hilarious news, let me give you an update on funny baby-cloth diaper stories.  This morning I went in to get Sophia, and she was sitting up with the most puzzled look on her face.  I noticed something blue in her lap, and I looked down at it.  Yes, a bumGenius diaper was poking out the leg of her pajamas.  I grabbed it, and it was indeed completely off her, down and partially out her pant leg.  After I pulled it out, I was shocked to see that that pajama leg was empty.  She had a diaper in one pajama leg and two legs in the other one!  She just looked at me with utter “I don’t know how this happened!” Yes, more motivation to get started working on those diaper tabs… 😉

Our friends are flying in tonight; so, I’ll probably not be writing for a while.  God bless you.


I feel accomplished.  I just installed a “decorative” curtain rod, the first of its kind in our house!  You know, not just the wide U-shaped metal one… the real one with balls on the end!  So, I feel accomplished–complete with drilling, screwing, mounting and the like.  Husband wasn’t home.  I figured it out.  Call me proud.  I’ve been excited to do some different projects in the house, but I haven’t been able to get to them very quickly.  I’m thinking that tackling one room at a time is the way to go.  I started with Sophia’s room, the smallest and easiest.   I just found an adorable cribskirt for $1 at a garage sale.  Yes, she’s 1 and I finally skirted her crib!  And, the new curtains just went up in her room.  Adorable, bright and cheery.  I have two ideas left.  One is a better storage solution as her changing table is only shelves and no drawers.  So, I’m on the lookout for some brightly colored, modern looking storage bins.  They’re out there but pricey.  The next thing is a creative project.  I want to paint a twin canvas to match the little girl I painted for her room, but this one as a little boy–same size, same color scheme.  The other thing I’m thinking of  is making some flower cutouts for a blank wall above her crib.  There’s so much white in her room now…  white walls, white crib, white changing table, white chest of drawers… Rather than paint, we get creative!  Sounds fun, now for the time… It’s there.  I just need to work for it.

There’s another project in the works.  This one, maybe more imperative, less fun.  It involves cloth diaper repair.  So, in case you don’t remember, we have been exclusively using cloth diapers.  We have about 15 bumGenius all-in-one diapers and about a dozen all-in-one of the homemade variety (thank you sister-in-law).  They have all been great, except that the bumGenius’ have long since begun deteriorating.  The laundry tabs (soft spots to keep your velcro in place through the wash) have worn out, and thus the velcro tabs (those tabs that keep the diaper securely in place) have curled up in a nightmarish fashion.  This has resulted in Baby’s easy escape from the diaper, with just a flick of the wrist… or Mommy’s crafty solution: always a onsie and always a pair of bloomers.  Yes, we’re running out of little bloomers and shorts.  I was going to make bloomers… but, what if I fix the diapers instead?  I’ve thought about crazy velcro solutions, but with a baby on the way, I thought I should fix them for real…  Guess what I found out!  It turns out that cottonbabies.com, from where I ordered the bumGenius diapers, will send you a “tab fix kit” free of charge if you simply ask!  They sent me 15 tab kit sets and 15 sets of laundry tabs.  Now, it’s only up to me.  It shouldn’t be too hard if I can just get started… And, I’ll feel so empowered saving $17.50 per diaper.  I’ll let you know how it goes…