Doggy dress-up

A milestone of sorts… how my daughter is different than a dog…

I often think how my daughter acts like a dog or at least how I treat her like one.  She eats food off the floor, puts sticks in her mouth, and plays fetch really, really well.  She begs me for food with her mouth wide open.  She gets underfoot in the kitchen and everywhere I am.  When she’s in the pool, she laps up the water with her tongue.  The other day we took a shower together, and she did the one dog-like thing you might hope she wouldn’t do.  Yes, squat and poo.  Right there in the shower with the both of us… Ew…

I’m so excited to share this new developmental hump that we’ve crossed!  It’s been slowly showing itself.  She’s been playing fetch for a while now, but we’ve just crossed over into some real language understanding.  It’s so exciting.  Sophia will bring me something, or I’ll ask her to hand me something or to go get me something, and most of the time I can coerce her into doing it for me.  But, she often doesn’t seem to really understand what it is I’m asking of her.  Well, the other day I was sitting lazily in the recliner with an empty granola bar wrapper, and I asked Sophia to go put it in the trash can for me.  She looked at me, so excited like “Really, Mom?  Really?  I can go and put something IN the sacred DO NOT TOUCH trashcan?!” She grabbed the wrapper and took off to the kitchen, plopped the wrapper in the trashcan and headed back toward me.  It occurred to me that I should cheer wildly.  So I did, and she was SO proud!  Since then, I have tried having her throw away other things for me and asking her to go get me things!  It keeps working!  I’m SO EXCITED!  The possibilities!  This pregnancy with a toddler thing might work out after all… 😉

Fun Little Snippets

Sophia has done some pretty adorable things lately.  Yesterday, she crawled up to me, sat down, grabbed the diaper between her legs and said, “Dup!”  Dup is sort of her all purpose word for lots of things–a word meaning to acquire the attention of an adult. Well, I said, “Did you poop?”  She grabbed her diaper, tried to look down in it, and again said, “Dup!”   Sure enough!  Poopy.  I think she’s trying to tell me something…  We looked at training pottys at Wal-Mart, yesterday.  Do we really need one that sings and celebrates and plays music?  My toilet doesn’t do that.  And, if it did, that’d be weird… She’s already fascinated with our toilet: flushing it and trying to put toilet paper in it and splashing her hands in it.  New rule in our house: Toilet seat is ALWAYS down!  What do you think?  Should we just buy a cheapy?  Those of you toilet training experts want to give advice?  I’d appreciate it.

More fun stuff: Sophia is always bringing us objects around the house.  She’ll quietly crawl up to us and hand us something.  She loves to bring me sunglasses to put on, her stuffed animal to kiss and hug, a book to read her, or crackers to give her.  Yesterday, she found her hat in a pile of toys.  She brought it to me to put on her.  Then, she went into our coat closet, found Daddy’s hat and took it to him!  He melted!  And, of course, wore it for the rest of the day!  A happy Father’s Day it was!

Some of Sophia’s words are sounding more like words instead of just “Da-da,” her all time fave excitement word.  We have a picture book that she likes to open and find the “dog-ee.”  It is sounding more like doggy all the time.  A few days ago I asked her to point to the doggy, and I absolutely couldn’t believe my eyes when she did it!   I can hardly keep up with this development!  She keeps doing this free standing thing out in the middle of the room.  She’ll stand up, look around for someone to be excited and grin so hard that she nearly falls over.  She’s starting to free stand with objects in her hand.  This morning she free stood with a cup of milk!  She drank a few drinks while standing and politely sat back down.  What a joy it is to watch her do the simplest things!

One of the more scarier things she’s been doing is trying to make necklaces out of any and all string or cord-like objects.  The worst is Daddy’s tennis shoes!  She’ll take one of the long shoe strings and wrap it around the back of her neck like a necklace.  Then, she’ll shrug her shoulders to keep it in place and crawl all over the house with Dad’s huge New Balance tennis shoe dragging beside her!  What a crazy child with her fascination with necklaces!  And, the thing is that I never wear one!  She must have acquired her love of jewelry from Will’s side of the family!

So, chasing around Sophia, trying to save her from falling in the toilet, getting strangled by a play necklace, or getting stuck between two objects… is my FULL TIME JOB!  I have so many objects to put back in their right place that it’s hard to imagine getting “finally moved in” or even organized at all.  The overwhelming pregnancy fatigue doesn’t help either…  Things are going well, though, and I’m just trying to live day by day, enjoying as much of the day as I can, and having very small goals like–as long as the kitchen is clean by the end of the day, then it’s been a successful day.