hilarious play with Sophia

Sophia’s language is blowing up.  She’s coming up with new words and stringing more words together all the time.  It’s so fun to see.  Her pronunciation is pretty terrible, but she’s definitely got strings of sounds associated for different things.  The worst is probably “dutch” for chair.  Not really sure why she says it quite like that…

I witnessed a pretty fun pretend playtime today.  Sophia loves to play “diaper change.” Basically she takes any babydoll or stuffed animal she has and says “Baby, poo poo.”  Then she goes and gets a diaper and diaper cream and baby powder and pretends to change the babydoll.  Well, lately she’s been talking about her Bear.  While I was nursing Abby this morning, this is what I heard Sophia saying:

“Beh, nie nie.” (Bear, night night.) She lays him down and covers him up with a burp cloth.

“Beh, why. Shhh, shhh.” (Bear is crying.) She rocks him and makes a sad face and shushes him.

“Pupsh off.” (Please take it off.) She points to the bear’s collar and hands him to me.

“Beh, poo poo.” (Bear went poo poo.) She lays him down and goes and gets one of Abby’s diapers.  She spends minutes trying to get it on him. After it’s wrapped up something silly, she says, “Yay! Beh, nie nie.” She rocks him for a few seconds.

“Beh, poo poo… Fah… Beh fah.” (Bear pooped.  Bear farted.)  I laugh.  “Bear farted?” I say.

“Ya!  Ha ha.  Beh fah! Ha ha!  Mom-ma fah!  Ha ha.  Ab-bey fah!  Ha ha. Momma fah! “ This goes on and on.

Don’t ask me how she learned the word fart! No, I’ll tell you.  She came back from Mammaw and Papa’s knowing a bunch of new words and one of them was fart!  So, we’ll blame the dirty vocabulary on them!  Ha!  The first time she said it, she said it after she farted, “Fah!” After clarifying that she did indeed say fart, we couldn’t stop laughing and she wouldn’t stop saying it.    Well, I guess we encouraged it because now she says it all the time!

a teething casualty

No, we don’t have a dog.  We have a teething baby girl.  Sophia’s been teething so hard that she chewed through this brand new Elmo board book.  Bless her heart.  She’s getting her four K9s all at the same time.  (Hence, the ornery behavior lately?)  We actually awoke to her screaming and bloody this morning.  Who knew that teething would cause your gums to bleed?  These 4 will make a total of 16 teeth!  For reals?  She just started getting teeth not but 4 months ago.  Once she’s done getting teeth, we may find out more about her personality.


At dinner tonight, Sophia held up her cheese, touched it to her chest and said, “Mine. Mine. Mine…. Mine… Mine…” over and over and over again.  Yes.  She has learned the word “mine.”  Last week she learned the word “no” and thoughtlessly answers “no” to everything.  If I had the patience to count how many times she said no in a day, I’d reach a number I haven’t personally counted to in a LOOOONG time!  Sophia is 18 months-old today.  I really wanted to celebrate today as a half birthday, but things didn’t go as planned.  It began with an early morning of crying and a swollen, achey mommy.  After a complete meltdown over a poopy diaper change, the day got off to a terribly start.  18-months old and I think I will say that the “terrible twos” have begun.  Her tantrum fits are taking on hitting and thrashing around, screaming and yelling “no,” running away, hiding and throwing herself on the floor.  Could we ask for a better time for this?  Really?  I actually wouldn’t be so upset about this stage happening now if it weren’t for the running away. She’s not listening to me when I ask her to do something, and on the way inside the house today she ran toward the street, laughing and thinking she was playing a game with me.  A car was coming but thankfully saw her and stopped.  She never made it off the curb, but I’ve never been more scared in my life.  I chased after her as quick as I could, snatched her up, and scolded her real good.  Something’s gotta change.  She can no longer be trusted to follow me indoors.  The hold my hand when we’re outside rule is officially in place.  Argh.  And, right before I have another one to hang on to…  Pray for me.

Parenting.  Yup.  We have definitely begun to discipline and punish.  I’m afraid I’m going to have a lot of adjusting to do as we really buckle down on Sophia’s behavior.  I want to discipline well, not out of anger and frustration but out of a heart that wants to guide her to good and safe behavior and her heart to one full of love.

heavy nesting

Well, we’re less than 4 weeks to the due date, and I’m nesting hard!  I hope I don’t go into labor anytime soon because I’ve got some projects in the works.  The upstairs bathroom needs all manner of storage solutions/decorating, and our bedroom (where the new baby will sleep for a time) needs to be rid of a hideous border, needs curtains, and needs a pretty major rearrange to accommodate a small nursery in the corner.  I just got the supplies to get started on these major projects.  I hope they don’t prove too big.  I finally have the energy and my foot has finally healed enough that I am rerring to go! Tomorrow we go in for the first “weekly” appointment where my cervix will be checked for dilation and ripening and what-not.  So, tomorrow we’ll know a little more if I am being a little too ambitious…. 😉

In other news Sophia has been hilarious lately!  I’ve really been realizing how much she’s growing up, too.  Her language skills are on the verge of blowing up.  She’s just started rote repeating us and her verbal comprehension is freaking unbelievable.  She doesn’t have all the sounds to work with, so repeating us is pretty funny.  A few minutes ago I was working on putting a shelf together for the bathroom and getting frustrated as one does with nothing to work with but an allen wrench and sweaty palms… when I exclaimed emphatically, “Oh crap!”  Sophia, only inches away from my side, says, “Oh sap!”  Wow!  That was a first!  Better watch your mouth, Mommy! Good thing she’s not around when Mommy and Daddy are playing video games… 😉

A few days ago, she first verbalized the word “no.”  She’s been shaking her head no for at least a year, but this is the first time the sound “no” or anything sounding like it came out of her mouth.  And, she said it for the first time yelling it 6 times in a row when she didn’t want to do something.  Woah!  She never does anything half-way, I’m realizing.  Since then, we have heard “no” at the door when Daddy goes to work, “no” when I take something away from her, and “no” when I’m putting her diaper on.  Argh!  I could’ve done without that word for a while.

We’ve also noticed that she understand so, so much.  When Will and I have been talking about something, she has understood just enough to go get something that one of us has mentioned and bring it to us.  Will and I are talking about going somewhere, out to eat or something, she goes to the door, picks up my purse or my shoes… Will and I were talking about Christmas gift ideas and I said, “I should get a pencil and paper and make a list.”  She immediately goes and finds paper for me to write on.  Mind you, we are not talking to her. We were talking to each other. She’s off playing by herself… or so we thought!

Moral of the story: your children are listening.

Feeling trapped at 8 a.m.

I’m having a bit of a breakdown this morning… For those of you that don’t know, I sprained my foot on Tuesday afternoon.  Leaving the pharmacy with antibiotics for my sick Sophia, on our way to the grocery store to pick up Gatorade and chicken soup for my dehydrated, vomiting husband, I tripped off the curb toward our car, saving my daughter from cracking her head open, but turning my foot into an unbelievable pretzel.  While Will was vomiting #45 and #46 of the day, I called a friend to go over and rouse him to be superman for me and come save me.  It was so unbelievably scary to sit crying uncontrollably, incapacitated on the curbside with a toddler wanting to run about.  It’s completely by the grace of God that Sophia was unharmed and Will was able to take me to the doctor.

After a day of getting used to being cripple and Will fully recovering from his migraine and dehydration, I’m off my thankful high that we’re all okay.  I’m still thankful, but today I’m depressed.  This occurred to me at a blessed 8 o’clock this morning after hearing my daughter crying and coughing in the next room for the 800th time of the night.  I’d slept horribly: at 30 weeks pregnant it’s hard to sleep anyway, but I’d tossed and turned with foot pain, back pain, and sinus congestion, and when I wasn’t awakened by one of these said maladies, I either needed to pee or heard my poor daughter calling out…  I laid awake at 8:00 having no idea what time it was, fully knowing that I couldn’t go get my daughter, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’d have to wake up my husband.  My poor husband who’s been waiting on me hand and foot while recovering from his own day of hell, taking care of Sophia’s every need while working from home, and who-no doubt-woke with me numerous times in the night as I tossed and turned and moaned and whined and cried in pain for midnight bathroom trips.  It hit me at 8 o’clock this morning that the me that I’ve so much enjoyed lately–the doing, the serving, the going–was brought to a standstill.  My vocabulary, my thoughts, everything I think to say and do seems useless… and, I’m forced to ask someone else to do them for me.  I’m used to asking, “Do you need anything?  Can I get something for you?”  Now, it’s a thought that is met with sadness and grief and frustration.  I’m realizing today that I’m much more of a doer than I knew.  My role that I’ve grown to love and cherish and take on as part of me has (temporarily) disappeared.  If I felt “legitimately” sick, like temperature of 102 with body aches and vomiting, then it wouldn’t be a problem for me to ask for a glass of water from the kitchen.  But, when all that keeps me from it is a bum foot, it feels silly to ask.  Why don’t I just get it myself? Well, because it would take me 10 minutes to either crawl or use my crutches to get up and down and I couldn’t possibly carry a glass of water with crutches… Something about my mind isn’t associating the sprained foot as legitimate… Though, I feel more incapacitated today than yesterday because it seems I’m sore from doing too much, yesterday.  It’s so dang hard to balance my front-heavy self with an extra 30 pounds up and down from a chair or the toilet or the floor.  My arms and shoulders ache from this new activity…

Well, as I watch my husband go up and get our daughter from her nap… here we go back to the day… not that I have much to get back to… watching other people do things for me…

Hilarious new game

I walked into the living room, yesterday, when Will told me, “You have to see what Sophia is doing!”  I gave them both a puzzled look.  Sophia grinned and took off.  She ran to the kleenex box and purposefully touched the side of the box with her pointer finger.  Very purposefully on this certain flower right in the middle.  Then, she darts toward Daddy with her pointer finger high in the air.  She dives at Daddy’s belly and pokes him with said finger!  Daddy yells, “Ah!”  Sophia laughs hysterically and goes back to the kleenex box for a recharge.  Daddy says, “Get Mommy!” and she comes At ME!  Same finger, looking for the same reaction.  Here’s the thing: Will did not teach her this.  I CERTAINLY did not teach her this!  What on earth is she doing charging up her zapping finger with a box of tissues?  Is she learning to pretend?  No doubt she got some of that from somewhere… but bizzare-O!  She played this game again today, seemingly out of nowhere.  Could it have to do with boogies?  But, why touch the kleenex box first?  She doesn’t poke us unless she touches the kleenex box first!   Over and OVER AND OVER again!  Lovely girl, huh?

how she eats a peanut butter cracker

This is what she does: splits the peanut butter crackers with her fingers and eats out the peanut butter.  I caught her a few days ago with only clean crackers on her tray and I wondered where the peanut butter went.  I just witnessed it.  After handing her the crackers, she  immediately split them open and ate out the inside.  Hmmm.  Where on earth did she learn that?  She certainly didn’t learn it from Mom or Dad!  Is it human nature to split the cookie and eat out the sweet inside?!  Anyway, it’s pretty darn cute, and she’s got some serious fine motor control!


A milestone of sorts… how my daughter is different than a dog…

I often think how my daughter acts like a dog or at least how I treat her like one.  She eats food off the floor, puts sticks in her mouth, and plays fetch really, really well.  She begs me for food with her mouth wide open.  She gets underfoot in the kitchen and everywhere I am.  When she’s in the pool, she laps up the water with her tongue.  The other day we took a shower together, and she did the one dog-like thing you might hope she wouldn’t do.  Yes, squat and poo.  Right there in the shower with the both of us… Ew…

I’m so excited to share this new developmental hump that we’ve crossed!  It’s been slowly showing itself.  She’s been playing fetch for a while now, but we’ve just crossed over into some real language understanding.  It’s so exciting.  Sophia will bring me something, or I’ll ask her to hand me something or to go get me something, and most of the time I can coerce her into doing it for me.  But, she often doesn’t seem to really understand what it is I’m asking of her.  Well, the other day I was sitting lazily in the recliner with an empty granola bar wrapper, and I asked Sophia to go put it in the trash can for me.  She looked at me, so excited like “Really, Mom?  Really?  I can go and put something IN the sacred DO NOT TOUCH trashcan?!” She grabbed the wrapper and took off to the kitchen, plopped the wrapper in the trashcan and headed back toward me.  It occurred to me that I should cheer wildly.  So I did, and she was SO proud!  Since then, I have tried having her throw away other things for me and asking her to go get me things!  It keeps working!  I’m SO EXCITED!  The possibilities!  This pregnancy with a toddler thing might work out after all… 😉

My Little Toddler

I’ve been wanting to give an update on my little growing toddler.  She’s doing so much fun stuff, and I know there’s a few of you that only check this blog for her… 😉  I tried to take some pictures and video, but they’re really not very good.  She was acting a little snobby when I took these.  That little stinker.  It really shows her grown up face, though.

100_5844 100_5842

Can you see her in action on the shot on the right?  This is what she does all the time when we’re upstairs.  She’ll take the most random things, pile them in a laundry basket, and push them from room to room.  She’ll put so much in them that they’re too heavy to move, then she’ll scream when she can’t push it over the hard floor to carpet seam!  Ah, enough to drive Mommy insane!  But, she loves this game.  Her favorite item to pile in the basket?  Daddy’s shoes.  Yup.  And, usually in pairs.  She loves Daddy’s shoes.  She’ll go find them from the closet, get a match, and haul them out to her basket.  Then, she’ll go back for another pair.  Once she’s satisfied with what’s in her basket, she’ll push it out into the hallway and into her bedroom… and back out to the hallway and into the extra bedroom… and back out to the hallway and into the bathroom… Oh, I left out all the screams in between when she goes over a seam!  Here’s a video of the busy girl.  Watch out for screams of frustration.  I had just closed the gate at the top of the stairs because she just learned how much fun it is to toss things down the stairs… and, I didn’t want this video to show her falling down the stairs with the basket. 😉  Oh, and pardon the dirty clothes in the floor. 😉

Her other favorite thing to do is carry her purse around the house on her arm.  If she doesn’t have her purse, any object that she can put her arm through will do.  We’ve got her with one of Daddy’s flip-flops on each arm and with wii remotes on each arm wearing them until they leave a red mark on her arm.  Oh, the things that give her delight!

Sophia is so much fun lately!  She’s really learning to play and explore.  She’s so much fun to watch and listen to.  She interacts so well with us and is learning to pretend.  Just earlier while I was fixing lunch, I gave her a little piece of cheese to snack on while she was standing on the floor below me holding her Pooh bear.  When I gave her the cheese, she first put it up to her bear’s mouth so he could have a bite, then she ate it!  Isn’t that sweet?  She loves feeding her dolls.  When the new baby comes, we’re going to have to strictly teach her that the new baby is only fed by mommy and only drinks Mommy’s milk!  But for now, this is sweet.

This last week we’ve seen her grow so much!  She’s finally learned to go downstairs by herself, and though cautious, is doing it very well.  I’d say that she learned that just in time because I don’t know how long I can keep carrying her down!  Sophia’s teeth have been popping in like crazy.  She has about 9 now.  She got a new bottom front one, and two top molars are poking through the skin.  It’s a good thing she’s getting all these teeth because she doesn’t like eating mushy stuff!  She’s been learning some new words lately, surprising us every time she says something.  The other day when I was getting grapes out, she said, “Gapes.”  Now, she always says “gapes” when I get them out.  We’ve been trying to teach her to say “I love you.”  She’s working on it.  Sometimes, she’ll point at her eyes when she tries to say it…  Last night, we were singing “Old McDonald” with her, and when we were done a few minutes later, she pointed at the book and sang, “E-I-E-I-Oh!”  Can’t wait til we get THAT on video!  Oh my goodness was it precious!

Sophia in her rocking chair with her baby doll in one hand and Yoda in the other

A Valiant Effort or a Ridiculous Attempt at Mommy Heroism?

Should have sprung for the babysitter… Ever said those words?  Never have I meant them this much!  I may have just had the worst morning of my life!  Torture is what I just put myself through.  I just took Sophia with me on a cleaning trip.  We went to clean the remaining mess of a rent house that we were subleasing.  I knew that this would be a near ridiculous attempt, i.e. I knew it would be disastrous to bring Sophia along, but I didn’t realize the details of just how it would look.

So, our only tasks: clean the refrigerator and the oven.  That’s not too bad, right?  I didn’t think so.  I brought toys for Sophia and cleaning supplies for me.  I had NO IDEA that she wouldn’t be interested in toys but only in cleaning supplies.  It’s like she had Never Seen A Spray Bottle!  It must be her age… Every single thing I did, she wanted to do, too.  Beside me or in front of me, she had to be doing exactly what I was doing.  I was wiping down the outside of the fridge; she wanted to.  I was cleaning inside the fridge; she wanted to.  I was cleaning inside the oven; she wanted to.  I gave her a dry rag and let her follow me around, but that wasn’t good enough.  She wanted to get inside the fridge.  If I was doing something on the counter, she was crying and pulling on my clothes…

Here I thought was a good idea: While I was cleaning fridge shelves in the sink, I let her crawl inside the empty fridge… HOW WAS I TO KNOW THAT SHE IS DEATHLY AFRAID OF THE FRIDGE DOOR?!  Everytime it came near her, she’d flail and scream with horror!  She also couldn’t get herself out of the fridge.  Of course, I think that this is a good time to teach her, “If you get yourself into a mess, you’ve got to get yourself out of it.”  After 5 minutes of continuous screaming and crying, I rescue her from the godforsaken fridge… only for her to crawl back in it and scream and scream again!!!  Okay, fridge shut.  Right?  No!  This began 1 hour of the most pitiful toddler-screaming-crying-tantrum-fit I have EVER seen!  Tears pouring, chest heaving, snot rolling… What can I do to help her?  I first thought that I need to let this tantrum go, and she’ll eventually get calm.  She’ll realize that I won’t let her get in the fridge with me… Let it go.  Nope.  She can’t possibly be this stubborn!

Wow.  There’s nothing else to say.  I should’ve gotten a sitter… Something to be said about learning things.  Here’s something else I learned: We will NEVER house an indoor animal.  I just cleaned dog hair out of the freezer.  Tell me, please, how did dog hair get in the freezer?!!!!!